Emma King

Research Interests: Biostatistics, Epidemiology

Emma began her science career by gaining a degree in Biology (BSc (Hons.)) from the University of St Andrews, enjoying molecular and cellular biology as well as evolution. During her time at St Andrews she won 2x summer research bursaries that helped her gain experience in a molecular plant pathology laboratory. After graduating, she turned her interests to medicine and gained an MBBS from Imperial in 2014. Once she had finished the UK foundation programme, she worked as a locum doctor in various specialties. She hopes to eventually do a PhD in biology or biomedicine, but prior to that would like to enhance her skills and knowledge, particularly of statistics. She has been unable to practice medicine during the pandemic due to ill health, but in this time has been voluntarily tutoring medical students and also works for an education company providing guidance for young people that would like to pursue a career in medicine.


Selected publications: